Frequently Asked Questions

( and Other Things to Help Your Online Shopping Experience Run as Smoothly and Easily as Possible )

Questions on Making Changes on Your Order

If you change your mind regarding size, colour, style or shipping method, send us an e-mail to

HOWEVER – if you have already paid for your order and received the e-mail to confirm that your order is processing, there is nothing we can do to change the order for you. We cannot make changes to sizes, colours, styles and especially not shipping methods.

Questions on Contacting a Person Who Works with the Parcels

Give us a call at 011-979-3060 and choose option 5. Should someone not be available to assist you right away, choose option 1 and leave us a message. We will call you back as soon as we can (before the day ends.)

However, we do prefer contact via e-mail so we can have everything on record. Send us an e-mail to

We do not use social media (Facebook, TikTok and Instagram) for communication. We will always direct you to our e-mail address. We will send the occasional WhatsApp for quick communication, but only in rare cases.

Questions on the Ordering Process

Start by adding items to your cart. How do you do this? Simply click on an item you’d like to purchase – choose an option (in other words choose your size) and decide on the quantity (how much you want to order) then click ‘Add to Cart.’

Once you’re ready to Checkout – head to your Shopping Cart. (Look for the icon that looks like a Shopping Bag.) Here you will find all the items that you’ve ordered – if you missed something, you can update your cart or continue your shopping spree. If you’re happy with everything in your cart, you can proceed to your Checkout.

Now you will need to fill in all of your details. Note that the areas with an asterisk (*) are areas that you absolutely need to fill in – you will not be able to complete your order without filling them in.

Make sure you enter your phone number correctly as this is the only communication option the couriers use. If you punch in a digit too much or too little (or even a wrong one), they will struggle to contact you and this will delay your delivery.

[ If you chose Postnet – Postnet as delivery option, please specify to which Postnet we must send the parcel. ]

Remember to read our T’s and C’s before you place your order. Decide whether your billing and shipping address is the same and when you’re ready – do the EFT for your order manually or via Payfast. Remember to use your order number as reference when doing your EFT. Should you fail to do so, the ordering process will be delayed by 2-3 working days.

You will now receive an e-mail to confirm that we have received your order. Give it a few days’ time for the money to reflect in our account. Soon, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the processing of your order and soon after you’ll receive your tracking number, which, means your order is on its way.

Delivery takes 2-5 working days after your order was processed.

Pack as Gift

Pack as gift (R60) consists of the following:

1x pack of Wildebees cookies (3 short bread cookies)

Wax paper Wrapping

1x Congratulations card (which can contain a handwritten note if you specify it in the order checkout)

1x Wildebees Sticker

1X Wildebees Gift Bag

1x Wildebees Welcome Pamphlet


Questions on Shipping and Delivery in SA

We can ship anywhere in South Africa – to your nearest Postnet or to your door.

Postnet shipping means your parcel will be delivered to a Postnet and you will have to fetch it from them. Please remember to specify to which Postnet we must send the parcel when you choose this option. This takes 2-3 working days after your order was processed and you’ve received an e-mail confirming the processing of your order.
If you fail to specify to which Postnet we must send your order and it gets sent to a Postnet NOT of your choosing or liking, it is YOUR responsibility to call that Postnet and schedule a redirect or a direct delivery to your address. The extra fees linked to this will also be your responsibility to pay.

When placing your order online take careful notice when you checkout your order.
Select your courier option as either Door to Door or Postnet to Postnet or Own Courier / Collect in Store.

The Door to Door option is delivery to your door and takes 2-5 working days after your order was processed and you’ve received an e-mail confirming the processing of your order.) We DO NOT offer Overnight or Same Day Delivery services. Should you want a parcel delivered to you overnight, you will need to send your own couriers.

You are also more than welcome to come pick up the parcel from our shop in Bredell yourself or via use of your own couriers. Note that you must have your order number ready (or give your order number to your courier). We cannot release a parcel without an order number.

We do not use PEP Paxi or any other courier. We only use Postnet and The Courier Guy.

Questions on ‘Own Courier / Collecting in-store’

You are more than welcome to come collect your parcel from our Official Shop in Bredell. You are also more than welcome to send your own couriers to come collect form our store in Bredell.

Please note you can only collect from this premises, not from any other shop reselling Wildebees.
243 3rd Ave
Bredell 1623
Kempton Park

This option works fantastic when you need an overnight delivery or a same-day delivery as we do not offer these. You will find that it is mostly the cheapest option as well.

Please note: You cannot pick-up a parcel without a confirmation e-mail! If you haven’t received an e-mail to confirm that your parcel is ready for collection, then we cannot release the parcel. The e-mail is sent directly after your parcel is packed and checked – should you send your couriers (or come to the shop) prior to receiving this e-mail, you will leave empty handed as your parcel isn’t ready yet.

When collecting your parcel (or sending your courier to pick-up the parcel) we will need your order number and the name the order was made on. If you didn’t use your business’ name when you placed your order, you cannot send your courier with your business’ name to pick the order up. You need to use the exact details as they are on your order when collecting. If you use different details, the collection process will be delayed.

Questions on Shipping and Delivery Outside of SA

We do offer the service of international delivery to all countries except the UK. Due to the war we can temporarily not ship to Belarus, Russia, Brazil and Ukraine.
*If we can not for any reason ship to your location, we will contact you to see what options are available. NOTE that it may occur that additional shipping rates can be charged in these circumstances as we will look for other options.

Once we have received your order and payment, we process your parcel on the next business day. Shipping takes 3-9 business days and note that Saturdays and Sundays are not seen as business days.

If you wish to change your address of delivery, kindly send an e-mail to BEFORE we ship your parcel. If you have received your e-mail with a tracking number you will need to contact the courier company directly to make changes. Use your tracking number and provided links to track your parcel.

Wildebees cannot be held responsible for any TAX or duties. You are responsible to cover all TAX and duties when receiving your parcel.


When placing your order PLEASE DO NOT attempt to make manual EFT’s! It delays payments up to 14 business days.

Your parcel will be sent out, and you can track it on this link: with the appropriate tracking number.

Questions on Sizes

Our sizes are normal / standard UK sizes. You can compare it to Jeep’s, Woolworths’ and Kakiebos’ sizes – it is the same. We follow the standard UK size guidelines.

Our sizes are standard, as mentioned above. Due to high amounts of requests and orders we cannot measure an item for you.

We suggest you buy the size that you wear every single day.
If there is a problem with sizing, we can exchange the items for you – however, we cannot do a refund.

Questions on Exchanges

Yes – we do exchange and here’s how it works:
You need to send us the items you want to exchange to
243 3rd ave
Bredell 1623
Kempton Park
Att: Abbey

In your parcel, you need:
– the items you want to exchange
– a note to specify what you want to exchange them for (size, colour, every detail needs to be there) & order number
– your name and a contact number

As soon as we receive the parcel, we will process it and exchange the items for you. Should there be any price differences, you will be contacted, and things will be taken from there on.

Note that we cannot exchange any items that has been washed, polished or worn. Innersoles will be checked.

Should you want to come to our shop in Bredell to do the exchange, you are more than welcome – just bring your order number along with you. Please remember we don’t do refunds. ALL in-store exchanged must be organised with Abbey beforehand via e-mail. (

When you purchased an item that is on sale – please remember that it is on sale for a reason. Usually it is discontinued lines or end of range items which means that we CANNOT exchange OR refund the item for you. Please make sure the item on sale is the size AND style you want before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

If you purchased something in-store and want to exchange it, you are more than welcome to do so. Please bring the items back, unwashed, unpolished, unworn, in their original packaging with their tags still on. Most importantly, bring your slip (proof of purchase)we cannot help you under any circumstances if any of the above mentioned isn’t in order! No exceptions. WE CANNOT RECEIVE ANY POSTNET PARCELS as Postnet only delivers to us once a month. Should you send us something back via Postnet, then note that it may take up to a month to exchange. To avoid the long time frame, kindly send it to our shop’s door, in that way, an exchange can be done and delivered again in the same week.

Questions on Refunds

Unfortunately, we do not do refunds.

If you order something, and it is out of stock and there is no way whatsoever that we can assist you or complete your order – we will send in a request for a refund. It is not guaranteed that your request will be accepted. Should your request be accepted, your refund will be done. Should your request be declined, you will receive credit in the form of voucher.Not under any circumstances ever will we do a Cash Refund, nor will we ever do an immediate refund. Refund requests are handled by HQ – your request whether in-store or online will be sent to HQ for processing and only when the request is approved will the refund be done. Refunds are ONLY done on Mondays and can take 7-14 days to be completed.

Questions on Vouchers

You can purchase a Voucher in our Shop in Bredell or online. The voucher can be used in the Wildebees Shop in Bredell, on the websites or in the Gunshop right across from the Clothing Shop in Bredell.

Note that vouchers are only valid for 12 months after it’s been issued to you. We cannot help you if your voucher expired.

We do not do refunds – we do credit in the form of vouchers.

Send us an e-mail to if you want to purchase a Voucher. Remember to add in your name, the person’s name you wish to buy the voucher for and the amount when sending the e-mail.


When purchasing on our website you can place your order as usual but deduct the amount of the voucher from the total amount and list the voucher code in the comment section.

You can then send an email to with your order number and voucher code to confirm payment and use of voucher.

Questions On When My Proof of Payment is Received

You will receive an e-mail soon to confirm that your order is being processed. From there on, it takes 2-5 working days for delivery. Please NOTE that the parcel is sent/released as soon as payment reflects.

NOTE: your parcel will be delivered to your address if you choose Courier Guy (or door to door delivery), Postnet to Postnet means your parcel will only be delivered to another Postnet and own courier/collect in store is for when you are sending your own couriers or collecting your parcel in store.

Questions On When My Payment is Received

You should receive an e-mail soon to confirm your order is being processed. Delivery should be in the next 2-5 working days.

If you are sending your own courier, or coming to collect in-store, the booking can be made for the day after you receive your confirmation anytime between 08h00-17h00.

Questions On Postnet Deliveries

We need the exact name of the Postnet you wish your parcel to be shipped to as indicated in the T&C page.

Questions On When My Parcel is Ready for Collection

Your order will be ready for collection at
243 3rd ave
Bredell 1623
Kempton Park

The dimension of your parcel is roughly
37cm x 30cm x 15cm

Your courier / You can ask for Abbey for assistance.

011 979 3060

NOTE: you have to use the same details on your waybill as per order for the couriers

Postnet to Postnet is R110
Courier Guy charges R160

How Do I Track My Order if I Chose Door to Door Delivery

Your parcel will be sent out, and you can track it on this link:

Your order will be processed and will be on route for delivery.

Delivery takes 2-5 working days and unfortunately, if something happens with your parcel now, it is completely out of our hands as it’s not with us anymore.

Should you have any queries regarding your parcel’s delivery, please contact the couriers directly.

Your parcel was sent to your shipping address as provided on the website and you can track your parcel on The Courier Guy’s website after 17h00 today.

How Do I Track My Order if I Chose Postnet Delivery

Your parcel will be sent out, track it on this link:

Your order will be processed and will be on route for delivery.
Delivery takes 3-5 working days and unfortunately, if something happens with your parcel now, it is completely out of our hands as it’s not with us anymore.

Should you have any queries regarding your parcel’s delivery, please contact couriers directly.
Your parcel will be sent to your nearest Postnet and you can track your parcel on Postnet’s website after 17h00 on the day you received your tracking number.

If there is no postnet specified, then we will select the postnet that is closest to your address according to the system.

Our Banking Details

Banking Details are as follow:
Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005
Account Name: Wildebees Online
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 41 0775 6182
Please use your ORDER NUMBER as reference!
Send a proof of payment to


We do try our very best to make your online shopping experience as smooth and effortless as we can.

Feel free to rate us on Facebook and please give us a shout if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with ANYTHING!
We will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and would love feedback from you so we can improve on anything that bothers you.